Why should we use you?

You should use us if you want a highly professional, reliable, and swift service that is very competitive on price and is fully licensed, insured and compliant with EU and UK legislation. You may also appreciate our commitment to delivering the most environmentally friendly clearance and recycling service available in West Sussex

How do you work out the price for a clearance?

There are three factors that influence the cost.                                                                                                      

1. The labour required.

2. The cost of disposal and recycling of the items cleared.

3. The resale value of any items we believe to have value to be cleared, which we will Remove from the overall cost of the job

Once we have assessed the job we calculate the price. All our prices are fully inclusive of all costs, so there are no hidden extras.


Why can’t you give me an exact price over the phone?

Until we can assess exactly how long the job will take, what if any residual value there is, and what our recycling / disposal costs are going to be we can’t give a precise quote. We give estimate guidelines only over the phone. But are happy to come and give a free estimate when we see the complete job

What sort of furniture and effects has a value?

Antiques, art, collectables and fire safe beds and furniture (except furniture made before 1950) that meets current fire resistance requirements

What happens if there is more or less stuff in the house than we estimated?

For a variety of reasons the size of the clearance can change right up to the last minute. We understand this and simply adjust the price accordingly.

What happens to the contents once removed?

Every effort is made to ensure everything that can be reused and recycled is reused and recycled. Most clearance companies say this, but we mean it.


We currently accept payment by Bacs transfer, cheques and cash only. Please agree in advance if you wish make payment by Bacs transfer or if you wish  raise an an invoice so you make make payment by cheque otherwise  please arrange for full payment in cash upon completion of the work.

If we buy contents or items from you we will also pay cash upon completion of the works

Can you deliver any furniture I wish to keep to mine or a friends property ?

Of course we can.If you live locally we are happy to deliver any items you may wish to keep We will also be happy to provide you with a competitive quote for a removalman and van service within a 30 mile radius

Do you clear rubbish as well as furniture?

Yes we do. We clear all general domestic and office waste, please see rubbish

Is there anything you can’t clear?

Yes. Some hazardous materials as listed ( please see the rubbish page)

Please contact your local authority to get a list of recommended local hazardous waste carriers.

How much notice do you need?

Usually a week is plenty of notice. However we are here to help if you need to get a job done at very short notice (under 24hrs). So don’t worry if you have an urgent job, we will do everything possible to meet your deadline.

Do we have to be at the property whilst the work is done?

No as long as we have access to the property, we can go ahead. Very often we collect keys from a local estate agent or neighbour, or you can send us the keys. However we do need to know in writing if anything is not to be removed, and it has to be clearly identifiable (preferably clearly labelled).

Are you licensed and insured?

Absolutely. We are fully insured to carry out all the aspects of our service. Our insurance details can be provided upon request. We are licensed by the Environment Agency as waste carrier’s registration number No CB/UM3489TP previously known as SSU/83797

A copy of our waste carriers license is also available upon request

Can you take stuff to a charity shop?

Yes. We do this frequently both on behalf of our clients and as part of our reuse policy. We are very happy to discuss various options with you or to take stuff to a charity of your choice.

Do you work outside regular office hours?

We do everything possible to get the job done on time and when it suits you. So we will work at most times though the Waste transfer stations we use are not open Saturday afternoons and Sundays

Can you clean the property once it’s been cleared?

We always leave properties tidy throughout as a matter of course. However if you want the property to be more thoroughly cleaned see please see our cleaning services page

Can we visit you on site?

It would nearly always be better for us to visit the site so we can see what's involved logistically with the clearance

 Do you supply all your own tools and equipment

Of course! We supply trolleys and have wheelie bins wheelbarrows and crates we also always carry tools and Allen keys needed to dismantle any beds and furniture

Can you remove cookers
Yes we are experienced and also carry the necessary tools and are able to remove Gas and Electric cookers

Can you remove washing machines

Yes unplumbing and removing washing machines is no problem

 Can you remove Stairlifts

Yes although an electrician may need to disconnect the power and some larger models may need  a qualified stairlift company to remove 

Can I e-mail you photographs

Yes by all means, but we can still only estimate a cost from photographs of smaller jobs, bigger jobs would require us to visit the site but a few photographs before hand will give us a general idea of what's required.

Please Email your photographs or any questions not in this FAQ to  or contact us using the form on the contact us page


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